About AAR

On this website arubalistings.com, you will find all the latest listings of the members of the Association of Aruban Realtors (AAR), which is the first and only association in Aruba in the field of real estate. All major real estate offices are member of this Association.

When you choose an AAR-broker to mediate the purchase, sale, rental or management of your home you are not just choosing any broker, you are choosing a qualified professional.

The fact that your broker is a member of this association offers a number of advantages for you:

• An AAR-broker is well trained, informed, knowledgeable & up to date.
• Their staff is well trained and certified.
• The AAR-broker knows the market well.
• An AAR-broker advises on all aspects of buying or selling. He is aware of the legal snags.
• An AAR professional is a part of the largest Real Estate network on Aruba

• An AAR-broker must adhere to the strict AAR Code of Ethics.
• An AAR-broker represents the interests of the client and is not linked to a particular bank or insurance company.
• For any complaints and disputes with your AAR-broker, please contact the AAR.  If necessary the AAR will take measures.