16 Real Estate agency's within the AAR!

A couple of times a year they all meet during a member meeting, this photo was taken at AAR's member meeting in November 2015. They share knowledge, news and their professionalism to become a better service provider for their clients. 

So far the members created standards in procedures, contracts and a code of ethics. They present all their listings on a mutual website which makes it very easy to find a nice home to rent, buy or for vacation rental. The AAR just finished creating a compliance manual and forms for her agents to preform the by the Central bank obligated intake/compliance on her clients. 

Last meeting was extra interesting because the AAR and her members received a seminar from Monumentfunds. All agents are excited to know how they can help in preserving Aruba's heritage! Monumentfunds invited us to have our meeting at their beautiful office.

Posted on Dec 01, 2016