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What’s better than owning your own Beachfront Condo or Ocean View Villa in Aruba? After all, when you purchase in “one happy island Aruba, there are very low property taxes, and as a non-resident, you will be allowed to visit Aruba 6 months out of every calendar year!

Aruba Realty Broker matches spectacular privately-owned Beachfront Condominiums and Private Luxury Villas to Aruba-lovin’ enthusiasts. We admit to being picky about selecting only the best, well cared for condos and villas.  

Choose from a number of unique listings in Aruba. All listings are different but have one thing in common: spectacular in their own way! Expect clean, air-conditioned, fully furnished and equipped, comfortable and conveniently located properties. Aruba Realty Broker wouldn’t have it any other way! 

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