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Aruba Top Homes is led by Mr. Alex Molina.

Mr. Molina has over 25 years’ experience in the real estate and retail market on a local and international level. Mr. Molina has vast knowledge of real estate, advertising and marketing, as well as expertise in top management positions in the retail and service industries

Mr. Molina has owned and operated various F & B operations in Argentina and Aruba. Mr. Molina has also enjoyed a long professional career as the Sales and Marketing Director for one of Aruba’s largest tourist adventure companies. Another key fact that will set Aruba Top Homes apart from the competition is the fact that Mr. Molina is the editor of the largest real estate and variety listing magazine on the island. This will undoubtedly allow Aruba Top Homes to be able to reach the market place in a highly effective manner.

Aruba Top Homes was born 5 years ago, from the dissolution of Aruba First Real Estate. Whether you are interested in buying or selling a House, Condo, Villa, Commercial Property, Land or getting a vacation rental, we can help. Our many years of experience in Real Estate Sales, Financing & Professional Networking afford us the expertise and ability to give you the best professional advice, and opportunity to secure a successful transaction.

We do, Sales, Vacation Rentals and Property Management. We specialize in the tourist sector, bringing to Aruba, investors, new home owners or Vacationers, we are the right choice to sell, administrate or rent your property, we are determined to take this profession in the highest level of quality service.

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